75mm Howitzer model 1897

1 x 75mm Howitzer model 1897

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Howitzer Schneider Model 1917 155mm


The 155 mm vaus model 1917 Schneider was a French howbid designed by Schneider. It was essentially the 155 C canon Modèle 1915 Schneider with a plastic shutter to use propellant load in fabric loots instead of metal sheath. He was used during World War. At the beginning of World War II it was still in service.

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This tank model was manufactured in the previous phases of World War II, and successfully used during the Poland and France campaign. He also participated in the fighting on the rebel side during the Spanish Civil War. By soon obsolete during the war, they were modified for various functions such as anti -aircraft ( Flakpanzer ), tank hunter (...

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Wood Elf Blade Dancers


Wood Elf Blade Dancers All prices are per pack of individual miniatures (10/15mm) or per strip (10mm) Buy 6 or more strips of the same unit and get a 15% discount. You can mix normal strips, with command groups (or other scales)

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