¿STL or physical miniatures?

We only sell physical 3d Printed miniatures, not the files.

What resolution do you print at?

Up to 14k resolution for all our miniatures.

¿The bases are included?

Because there are so many different game systems, and to keep the price down for our customers, we do not include bases with the miniatures. But you can buy the bases you need at this link: https://www.forja3d.es/en/493-bases

¿Command group included?

Unless otherwise indicated in the product description, no product includes a control group by default. These can be purchased independently.

About the scale

As you can see, we offer many of our miniatures at different scales. Some of these scales also indicate in millimeters the height from the base of the miniature to its eyes.

You may find that the 1/56 scale appears in the fantasy miniatures section as “Scale: 1/56 (28mm)” or as “Scale: 1/56 (32mm)”. We recommend the “28mm” scale for your “Oldhammer” or “Historical” games, and the “32mm” scale for more modern fantasy games.

The Sci-Fi miniatures, as well as the Fantasy Football teams will be printed in "32mm", even if it says "28mm" on their page, it is an error that we are trying to fix at the moment.

Our historical miniatures in 1/56 "28mm" are compatible with other manufacturers of historical miniatures in these scales.

To maximize compatibility with fantasy miniatures, we recommend 28mm for infantry and 32mm for cavalry.

We recommend this website to help you with the scales: http://theminiaturespage.com/ref/scales.html

About the finish of the miniatures

We ship the miniatures WITHOUT supports, cleaned and cured, so you only have to assemble and paint them at home. Keep in mind, that unlike mold miniatures, 3D printed miniatures do not have mold lines, but may have slight marks from removal of supports. These almost imperceptible marks, placed in inconspicuous areas of the miniatures, can be removed with a light sanding, although they will almost disappear when you paint the miniatures.

The larger vehicles and miniatures, being hollow, will have holes to prevent untreated resin from remaining inside the miniature. These holes will be in non-visible areas of the miniatures (such as the underside of the vehicles). We guarantee that our miniatures do not have untreated resin deposits inside.

About shipping time

Due to our extensive catalog of more than 9,000 references, our miniatures are manufactured on demand and we practically do not have stock (except for the top sellers), therefore the manufacturing, packaging and shipping time ranges between 6-28 working days. Please keep this in mind when placing an order.

About other scales

We can print the miniatures  from our catalogue on other scales than those published on the web, contact us through our web form for inquiries.

https://forja3d.es/contact us

About print on demand

At this moment, we don't offer print on demand

We can print any file you send us. Contact us through the contact form to request a quote.

https://forja3d.es/contact us

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